How can we communicate with God every day?

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How can we communicate with God every day?

Start your day with the word of God.
And choose one verse in the bible and try to meditate on it.


How can we communicate with God every day?

Read the Scripture, listen to God’s words, and pray.

You can communicate with Him by reading Scriptures and praying.

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Great Topic Again guys.

Back then before this pandemic happens.
I always pray a rosary on my way going to work.
At first im shy to show my rosary to others.
technically im not showing it to them but when you are riding a public transportation you can see that some of them watching you. anyways.
By means of this prayer give thanks to our Lord and Lifting my petitions to Him. thats how i communicate to our Lord God.

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Aside from praying, whenever I read books regarding God’s word I feel like He is really trying to tell me something. Every time I do my devotion, the topics really go well with what I am feeling or going through, which is really shocking and amazing. The day I posted my devotion regarding rest, that time I was really really stressed for weeks. So when I did my daily devotion I was speechless and I really felt like that was God trying to tell me to rest. GOD MOVES IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS! :blush::yellow_heart:

@arrol do not be shy to pray in public :blush: Sometimes at school I just zone out and do my daily devotion and my classmates sometimes get weirded out but that’s normal, maybe they are just not used to seeing that in public

Hello @patri12 How we communicate with God ? There is so many ways on how we communicate God but the most best way on how to communicate Him is by Reading the bible and Praying sincere to Him.

I feel there’s no other way than to read the Bible and pray. God talks to us through His Word and we reply when we pray.

But we can also communicate in our hearts … silently … even as we walk, take a breath, listen to music, ponder on things, look at the stars, so that in all things that we do, we acknowledge him and keep him in our thoughts.

hello @kianna. I’m shy praying in public. I try but I always consider prayer as a private moment with God. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying praying in public is bad. It’s just me and how I view prayer. I actually admired Christian like you who can be bold in public.

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Hello, dear @gratia1010
I have alwayas believed that I talked to God everyday just by praying, as I’m constantly talking to him when alone in my day. But this advice is even better, especially now on quarantine, is important to thing for ourselves and have our own opinions and sharing with God and meditate his words is a good way to pray, learn and know more about God. I will try your advice. Thanks.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero.

I like to communicate with God everyday. I started it with a prayer then after I talk to Him and sharing what I feel. Oftentimes He made me realized the things which could be better for me. I love to hear worship songs after praying. To be honest I have absences in communicating to God daily. I can’t deny that I do also communicating with God when I just need him. When we’re talking with God we should be in a silent place, so that we can feel the effective presence of the Lord and His words.

Of course, I understand, @eestioko we are all unique in our own ways. Sometimes, I just feel comfortable praying in public because I am used to having my own vibe even when there are a lot of people around me, I keep on zoning out lol. So I always kinda have a moment with myself and God regardless of the people around me. You do you, of course! :blush: