How can we communicate with people who do not believe in God?

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How can we communicate with people who do not believe in God?

I wouldn’t. I’m sure that many have tried and probably with him, witnessing does more harm than good…
I would just show Christ in you, live for Christ and let him see something in you that he doesn’t have.
God needs to work in his heart before hes ever ready to hear from any of us.

How can we communicate with people who do not believe in God?

Some atheists tend to get uptight about the subject, especially when being interrogated by a fully fledged Christian, because there are some (and I’m not saying all) Christians out there who really put on the pressure to convert them. It’s irritating and demeaning, having someone make you believe in something you don’t think is right at all. Just like when an atheist keeps on telling you God doesn’t exist and that you are wasting your time.
Personally, I wish everyone would just leave everyone else alone with their own religions/Gods/beliefs, let them believe what they want to believe (as long as they don’t harm others).

It’s best not to approach this type of person at all. All it will do is cause yet another heated dispute about who’s right and who’s wrong.

You can’t convince the soul, you can only leave it up to the Spirit to do so.

A ministry of good works is one way. Follow the Lord in all that you do, let them see it (don’t flaunt it), and come to associate your actions with your faith.

If you really want to reach someone who is an atheist, you must overcome their opposition to Christianity. You must answer the tough questions. You must have a dialogue. And you must be patient. The one thing atheists (and actually all of us who have been targets of zealous evangelizing) detest most is, in the midst of a reasoned debate, changing gears and going to “Well, you just badly need to find Jesus” when you can’t think of an answer to a question.

By the same token, I as a Catholic want to convince an evangelical that I am Christian first involves my overcoming whatever misconceptions they have of the Catholic Church, and often quite a lot of toe-to-toe Scriptural work. Sometimes I just don’t have the patience for it, but I do really hate to hear people approaching devout believers in Christ who are in the Catholic tradition and telling them they’re condemned as papists.

In the Christian faith, it requires God, the Father, to initiate the process to draw an individual to Him. Christianity is not a choice, (although free-will to accept the calling is paramount) !God has formulated a Master Plan involving His Creation, starting in the Garden of Eden when He “pitted” a fallen Arch Angel, Satan, against our first parents, Adam & Eve who were simply flesh and blood. Since God, the Father devised the Plan, it is of His perogative, who He decides to draw to Him through Jesus Christ, and initiate the process. This is why, Christians can attempt to convert people BUT unless God the Father, is calling that individual, Devine revelation will not be given and the atheist or gnostic will not respond. God is not trying to save the whole world now - contrary to popular belief. Because if He were, He has done a terrible job at it and that makes Satan more powerful than the One, who created him, namely God ! I am a Christian and have been one now, for 33 years and I do know what I speak of !!!

We should search some touch point to talk, and then try to build a relationship of trust.

Communicate and serve with love of Christ.