How can we fear God in our single day?

How can we fear God in our single day?

This is a question worth thinking about.My feeling is that every time when I communicate with other christians and hear them talk about the grace and guidance they have experienced, I can truly feel God’s presence, God’s holiness and love.These help me to fear God in my single day. Through the experience of others, I can truly understand the omnipotence and omnipresence of God. You can try it, I mean you can listen to other people’s stories more.

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I think to keep spiritual standards will help. In my case, if I don’t read bible, don’t pray, just busy for my schedule, I am very easy to follow my sinful habit. For example lose tamper, have complain in my heart and speak some words that not please God.

Pray and Meditate the His words…ask the power from the Holy Spirit to live according to the Word of God

Fear of the Lord

  1. Respect Him
  2. Obey Him
  3. Worship Only Him