How can we improve our relationship with God?

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How can we improve our relationship with God?

I guess I’m surprised there are no answers to your question yet.

For me, in my experience, a few things that the Holy Spirit guides me to do seem essential to keep myself without a block between me and God.

  1. I read the Bible. Daily.
  2. I remove (usually I throw these things out, I do not pass them on) anything I find in my home that grieves the Holy Spirit in me. This has included: worldly self-help books, pagan books and items, anything that says God is not God or that says a different god is God. Anything vulgar, or sexual. (I’m talking about items, not a spouse.)
  3. I ask God’s forgiveness when I sin. I also ask those I have sinned against for their forgiveness, but I do not demand it. I say what I have done and that it was wrong and I am sorrowful that I hurt that person. Then I say “I hope you CAN forgive me.” and leave that up to them. IMPORTANT: This must always be followed by change of MY behavior to not sin again that way. (Sometimes I have to ask God’s extra help if it’s a habit.)

All these things are not a “formula” that will “work”. God is more a living being than any of us are. He cares deeply about where our hearts lie: with Him as the Almighty God He is, or with things, activities, worldly people or worst, idols. (Idols can be ideas we make up in our minds that do not agree with scripture.)

It’s just what I do. If I fall down too much on any of these, my relationship with God grows distant. As I do these things and keep them up, my relationship with God grows closer.

How can we improve our relationship with God?

Thank you for your sharing!

The more I realize my limitations without Him, my lacking without Him, the more I start to ask Him for more things. Naturally we draw closer to God. The more I put God at the right position, put myself at the right position, the relationship between with God and me will more closer.

Meditating and obeying his words, serving others as well as we can, and then keep praying