How can we insist on praying for one topic?

How can we insist on praying for one topic?

Have faith in God that He is working through our prayer.

Persistence in prayer, then, is an obedience issue. Jesus has commanded us to it, and we must follow.

Pay without ceasing…

pray according to God’s word which is His will

First, set up prayer topic that you want to pray everyday, write down on the note or in the phone note. Have the habit to check it before the prayer.

Second, pray everyday, set specific time and standard to pray daily. Morning once you get up, or other time good for you.


Fix some time to pray for this every day; and use more God’s Word to pray.

If you have love for that prayer topic you will continue and if your love disappear it’s difficult to insist on it.

Because it is not answered yet…