How can we lead the youth to Christ?

Nowadays, the world has a lot of attractions and distractions that can lead a person especially teenagers to go astray. What can we do in our personal capacity or what church programs can we do to help our youth?

Get to know them first whole heartedly.

First of all, hi there @yevillanueva! In order to lead the youth of today to Christ; the Church community or the community alone should initiate a youth activity. Like for example an every Sunday activity after church, it could be a bible study, or assign them to read the Gospels during mass. In our community, every youth have their part and they come in groups. Example one group assigned as cleaner, other group in decorating the church until it becomes a rotational routine.

hi @yevillanueva!! Im currently handling young people in our church. And just like you, we experience hardship in handling young people even now. Its really hard to handle teenagers. They are so distracted in their surrounding. So for us to get their attention we give them activities that are appropriate in their age and interest.
For example:
1. Youth service - we make youth service less formal, so the youth can come and to avoid the feeling that they are not belong.
2. Basketball fellowship - for the boys and sometimes the girls also play basketball to lessen the intense when boys are playing.
3. Love talk session - the topics are the issues of young people in handling relationship with opposite sex, parent relationship and even leaders relationship.
4. Focus group - discipleship and building relationship with them (this part is very important, because for them to stay we need to build our relationship(brotherhood/sisterhood relationship) with them and have their trust. So they can say their feelings to you.)

And lets also avoid to make them feel that they are not belong and people are judging them because how they look, their fashion, they talk etc. We have to make sure that they are accepted no matter what.

I hope my reply can help you. :blush: God bless!!

Hi there! I totally agree with @abiwaiting4you! We should expose the youth with matters regarding their faith to the Lord God. We need to enlighten them and lead them to a good and healthy path for their spiritual, mental, and, well, overall being. As part of the youth, I can say, sometimes we get a little lost sometimes and get carried away by our emotions. But with proper guidance, life gets easier and relationship with God becomes stronger.

@MakkaPakka, @abiwaiting4you, @kianna Thank you for all of your inputs. I can’t stress enough the importance of leading the youth to Christ because they will be the future church leaders.