How can we overcome fail emotion?

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How can we overcome fail emotion?

If by this, you mean “How can we overcome the emotion of failure” I have an answer because I just went through it and God was good to me.

When I fail badly, I usually start to get morose, sad, blue and discouraged. When this happened recently, I began crying out in prayer to God about how “I am so not worthy of the Kingdom of Heaven.”

I got no answer. It was as though GOD were saying to me “Yes. And?”

What was my point? What new thing was I telling GOD? Nothing new.

That is what told me my Pride had grown while I wasn’t watching. I am still in the process of humbling myself to be right with God again.

The strongest strength you can have when you have failed is to be amazed you do not fail at absolutely everything! We are to thank God in ALL things, because all good things come from GOD and we are not worthy of them. It is GOD’s marvelous grace, His compassion and His mercy that does not destroy each one of us where we stand.

For me: when I fail, it’s a good time to question who I think I am.


How can we overcome fail emotion ?

thank you for your reply, it is very useful

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I think by Prayer and Meditation thoughts and the ways of God which is far higher than our thoughts and ways.

Listening to God’s Word, praying to Him, reading the Scripture, or talking with your spiritual leader.

By Believing God the Restorer, Amen.

By proclaiming the truth of God. No failure in Christ, though we might fail yet God will work through it for our good.