How could we move away from ourselves?

How could we move away from ourselves?

Read and study God’s words, so that our thoughts and emotion can run according to the truth, and we can find the right direction to moving toward.

Also, I believe it will be helpful if we learn to open our hearts and share it with others.

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Some times we are lost in our self, like we did some wrong thing or lost in painful or lost in our mind. So how could you move away from your self, every one is difference, So we can choose different way to move away from our self.

Try to move your focus to those who are more weak and in need.

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Try to pay attention on others, sometimes, we think we are so painful. We can’t even take care of ourselves, how can we care of others. But the truth is when we care about others, we will live.

The truth is paradoxical.

We can move away from ourselves by moving closer to Jesus💓

We can tell the Lord our sadness and pain and try to accept ourselves because the Lord has accepted us. No matter what we did wrong, we came to the Lord and repented. The blood of the Lord can be washed. He can change.
Romans 1:1
Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.
In Christ, the Lord has no sin, and you do not condemn yourself.