How did God comunicate with you?


I love reading, and one thing I have noticed is that whenever I am feeling something, God responds through the books that I read. There was one time I was very stressed with work and deadlines, academics, etc. whenever I read a book or a random quote from social media, I always read a little something about rest, how important it is, etc. That for me was God telling me to rest, that was Him communicating with me. Because I did not just feel like oh okay I should rest. It feels different, like someone has been paying attention to what I have been doing and feeling. It just really feels different. At times, when I forget to take care of myself because of a lot of things keeping me busy, I am very blessed that God gives me reminders to care for myself more.

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HI @kianna we have similarities about how God communicated to us. I want to share to you how communite to me in different things. I have days at work which I got headache, cannot focus well on the tasks and feeling afraid to commit mistakes. When this terrible things happened, I pray and silently speak to God help me to overcome this challenge. It is very helpful for me, aside from social media post, listening to the worships song and reading books.

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God communicates with me through His holy word, the bible. It is the most clear way of communication which God is using to talk to His people. The bible is complete that everything that we need in life can be found there. But sometimes God uses unconventional way to get our attention. Based on my experience, God uses my life’s experience to communicate with me. He uses circumstances to make me realize things in life which I usually take for granted. What I can say is that, God will do whatever it takes for the sake of His love for His people.

@FaithinGod God communicates with me ofcourse through bible, if i want to know him more and i want to remember things about his promises love and his Commandments. I also read books /articles re Jesusness. Hearing bible teachings / word of God also helps me alot to hear what God wants me to do.
And i use prayer by saying thanks, saying pain at the feet of Jesus.

One of my communication with God is prayer. I give thanks to Him for all the blessing and asking for his mercy.
Not all my prayers will have a answer but i know God will make his way to answer this someday.
Prayer is one of the best communication with Him.

Communication is a huge part of the way we operate as humans…Sometimes God communicate with me thru the daily devotions that I am reading or thru my journal…I see to it, that I talk to God everyday especially that I don’t have someone to talk to…

Hello, dear @FaithinGod
I think what makes God so awesome is how he talks and makes his presence know to each person in a different way. I mean you can read and see so many testimonies, always with God as constant. I myself had a lot of experiences, maybe the one most powerful was when going to a Christian group, during a mass, I heard God telling me he would not leave me alone. It was eye opener, as I understand that I had fear of loneliness, but knowing that God was by me, helped to overcome it!
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero.

God communicates with me mostly through people or the scriptures and the other religious books that I read. But sometimes he also speaks to me during my quiet times. I have these moments when I want to be alone in peace with no distractions. He instills a small voice in my mind with his heart warming messages of love and affirmations. I really appreciate it.

Hello @FaithinGod
God always speaks to me through Scripture.
God’s word is the number one undiluted way through which God speaks. The Bible says that God has exalted His word above His name Psalm 138:2. This tells us about God’s integrity what He says he will do, He will do, so we can always trust that whatever God speaks to us through His word is true. You might stumble on a bible verse, be led to a place in the bible but whatever God’s word says is the truth.Read your bible. Eat the word heavy. When you are praying for answers and looking for God to speak to you - read, study, meditate away.d

Yes, work can be very stressful. Prayer has been the most effective way to deal with this situation, and of course rest! Let us take care of the body that God has given to us.

I also love it whenever I do my daily devotion, and the verse of the day or the reading of the day just matches with what I am feeling or going through as of the moment! It feels very heartwarming and amazing knowing that the Lord God is taking care of me. :blush: :yellow_heart: