How did you overcome the frustration of being rejected from evangelism?

How did you overcome the frustration of being rejected from evangelism?

The Holy Bible is the Answers book, The Bible contains all the answers…so if we spend enough time with The Bible we receive the heavenly power to overcome any frustration or disappointments.

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Do not lose faith in God. Sometimes, we feel challenged when we speak to others about God, or when we are asked questions we can’t answer or don’t know how to answer. These questions can be taxing on your faith in God. Paul was an amazing apostle who was called to go reach the gentiles with the gospel, but he started by taking three years to himself in Arabia, where it is believed that he studied Scripture and prayed in order to prepare himself (Galatians 1:17). Follow his example and find one-on-one time with God and His Word and whenever you evangelize, pray without ceasing as you do it.

You seem like a good heart person. so if you know you are a good person and you treat people with respect soon people will like and respect you and you will get a boyfriend soon because there is someone for everybody. if you know you are the best person that you can be and since you said that you are a devout christian then god sees you for who you are. so just keep living and keep your head up because when Jesus comes back to the earth and takes you to heaven and then judges you and sees all the good you have done in this world. you will live eternally with him. so when people get you down don’t let it hurt for too long because you have something lined up for you in the future.

When I suffered - by losing 95% of my “friends” - for becoming a Christian and no longer posting anything but scripture and Bible exegetic Pastors, it wasn’t much of a suffering for me.

The reason is because it is for GOD, not myself. So that kind of suffering, God helps me through, and I cannot keep my mouth shut about God and so He strengthens me and I am gaining new friends who are Bible believing Christians.

That’s the closest I have experienced in being rejected from evangelism. I am assuming that you mean suffering “for evangelizing”.

However, if you mean being rejected from Evangelicals, I would recommend rejoicing that you have been saved from false teachings and seek out those who stick to the Bible! Fellowship can be had for all.

We do not get saved by our “good works”. We are saved by repenting and believing on Christ who died for our sins.


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Thank you!!


Amen, Thank you!

By meditating Jesus’ love to me, and hoping for the world of resurrection.