How did you worship God this Sunday(March 22, 2020)?

How did you worship God this Sunday(March 22, 2020)?

Are there any changes with the way you worship God this Sunday? In my case, as much as I like and prefer worshiping God with other Christians, I was left with no other choice but to worship at home with my family(wife and kids) and with other church members through video conference. It just kind of feels odd though and feels something is missing.

Hello, dear @yevillanueva
With the emergency situations we have, it is weird the feeling of not being able to go to church on Sunday, but as always I have been taught, I always can talk with our Father and he will always listen. With it we can be grateful for being alive and all the wonderful things he has giving us.
It may be unconventional, but God will not be mad because of it, just close your eyes, pray and talk with our Father anywhere you are.
That’s what I did.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

As our church are close due to this pandemic virus, we just read the Sunday gospel and prayed the Holy Rosary at our room. Let us just continue to pray for everyone’s safety and may this virus be over.

My family and I just stayed at home. Prayed the rosary and did our daily devotion. :yellow_heart: :yellow_heart: Keep safe guys!