How do Chinese Christians get a Bible?

Recently I watched a video on YouTube, the Chinese Christians got the Bible and cried out. I couldn’t believe it is still so difficult for them to get the BIBLE even today. They were still being persecuted for their faith in Christ? Does anyone know how Chinese Christians get a Bible? Need to risk their life? The government will put them into prison if being found?


I wonder when the original video was published. My Chinese friend said it is like in the 20th century. Now the Chinese Christians can get the Bible very easily, they can go to the Church to buy it, and many Churches will give the Bible to the new believers as a gift. Also, it’s very easy to order online. Hope you like my answer. Bless~

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No, the Chinese government gives their people freedom to choose their religion. And Christians can buy Bibles from Three-Self Churches.

Government gave freedom?

I know that Chinese government does not suppress Chinese belief in religion these days. Many missions agencies are doing mission in China, and many Chinese are becoming Christians. Amen

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I’m a Chinese Christian. I can buy Bible in Churches and online stores. It is very easy to get Bible in China now.

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I think that many churches sell bibles at a cheap price.

It is really easy to buy a Bible through Taobao.
It just costs about 10 dollars

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Taobao is really good and I can buy lots of amazing goods.

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Chinese have a lot people who believe Jesus now. So chinese should buy the Bible in the church and bookstore.

I am Chinese and I believed in Jesus in 2011. I can buy bible from Churched, gospel bookstores and online. Now it is easy for christians to get bible.

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I am a Chinese christian, too. I get my first bible from my campus fellowship. The bible I am using now is bought from a church. I once sent my friend a bible as gift which I bought online.

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When I become concerned about people getting a Bible anywhere, I check in with these people:

They have been at this for a very long time.
More information about this International Bible Society, see it on Wikipedia

Actually, recently, the government forbid selling the Bible on line. and church can’t print it. It is controlled by government. And there is no Sunday school any more. These thing happened recently. Please keep praying for China.

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Things have changed DRASTICALLY in China quite recently.

Although the policy of goverment for Christianity is tight in China now, Chinese Christians can still get a Bible in the local church; for this, they do not need to risk their life; the government will not put people into prison by just being found having a Bible.

They can go to church which government admit, and buy one.

I am a Chinese, now I live in China .China’s religious policy used to be more tolerant, but recently it is more strict.Many of the Bibles sold online are off the shelves, and even if they are there, the packaging is different.My church has been persecuted, and not just ours, but many other churches have been persecuted this year.But, I think, these are temporary.I believe it will get better and better under God’s guidance.

Chinese could buy bible online, but for now I believe people can buy them from three-self churches.

Now people can’t buy Bible online but they still can get bible.