How do I know my spiritual gift/s?

How do I know my spiritual gift/s?

I know that in order to walk a life according to His will, I have to know and use my spiritual gifts? How does one know he/she is operating in the spiritual gifts?

Each and everyone of us has a spiritual gift that is bestowed upon us by God by the Holy Spirit that allows us to work with our lives in order that we can execute our mission on earth.

It often takes time for one’s gift to mature and develop into its full effectiveness. According to the article that I read, there are 22 spiritual gifts and a person can at least have one of these spiritual gifts. These are as follows:

“Apostles, Prophets; Pastor-Teachers; Evangelists; Prophecy; Teaching; Wisdom; Knowledge; Faith; Miraculous Powers; Healing; Distinguishing between Spirits; Speaking in Tongues; Interpretation of Tongues; Helps; Service; Administration; Encouragement; Giving; Leadership; Mercy and Celibacy.”

Is there any of these spiritual gifts you think that you have?:blush: