How do u believe the history recorded in the Old Testament?

How do u believe the history recorded in the Old Testament?

Since you put your question in a personal way, allowing me to answer how I do this as an individual, I can answer in the same way.

I had to choose: who has lied to me more? people? or God? etc. until I got to “I believe God long before I believe human beings”. Funny thing is, I got to that place by actually reading the Old Testament. Not in a study or at church or by a preacher. I just read it. I believed in God but was not sure about the Bible, which is why I read it. Well, and I wanted to know who God really was? What is His character?

It was in reading it that I began to understand that most of what people told me about God was not true according to the only book we can positively affirm as “The Word of God”. Once I took it that way, I saw where history backed up the Bible (more often than you would think!) and wherever history did not back it up, it usually had something to do with dates, not who won a battle.

So that is how I do it. I trust God, rather than man.

I suggest that you choose who you trust. But maybe, like me, you’ll have to read it for yourself before you can really decide that.

As we know from the documentary, some history are not as it was recorded in the Old Testament. In some battle, Israelites failed but they recorded themselves winer. How do u believe the history recorded in the Old Testament?

I do believe in God and His Word.God’s word never lies.i believe what’s it recorded in the Bible nothing or no one an change the truth.

Faith and experience!
The words of God is lives, you can experience God in every moment!

The history recorded in the Old Testament is written by real God’s people. They are chosen by God and record the history of God’s people and the work of God’s people. They are all God-breathed. The history is also true.

Surly I believe.
Not only OT is also the words of God, but also there are many evidences.
So if you have any unbelief , just search it.

Here is an excellent and scholarly talk about this issue, and not just about the Old Testament or the New Testament, but the whole of the Holy Bible.

I Can’t Believe In A God Who Picked a Faulty Bible to Communicate With Us (Craig Evans, PhD)

God is faithfulness God, this is his one of the attributes. So I think his word is true.
And James 5:12
above all, my brothers ,do not swear, -not by heaven or by earth or by anything else.
Let your “Yes” be yes, and your “No” ,no or you will be condemned.
God does not lie.