How do we know if we are not going to heaven?

How do we know if we are not going to heaven? I keep having the same nightmare. It’s the worst thing that ever happened to me over and over. Different variations but the situation and players are all the same. It’s all so real. Am I being shown my hell?

Michael David Mazeall Sr

I believe satin is tormenting you as you sleep! As a child of God, You have authority over satin… believe it and command him in the name of Jesus to leave you alone. He must flee! Everytime your attacked, remind him that he must flee in the name of Je… See more

Natalie Mazeall-Arney

Read What God’s word tells you about salvation and go by that. Not the words of us mere mortals. Nightmares can come from needing a Cpap machine. Since using one I no longer have them.

Pat Grantham Bonds

Dreams are where our subconscious works out things and helps us get through them. If you do “self talk” where you talk it out in a conversation with the Lord and just kind of go through the scenarios and work through why it’s bothering you, what’s happ… See more

Alicia Ashland