How do we save LGBTQs without condemning them?

How do we save LGBTQs without condemning them?

I have known LGBTQs in my life. I do not hate them. I love them but the way they are because of following fleshly desires is what i am against to. I want to save them but how? without hurting their feelings much and without resisting the Christian faith.

@cocoyoongie I hope you will allow me to speak very plainly so this is understandable.

Keep your nose completely out of their homosexuality! It is none of your business.

However, when Jesus said “Matthew 5:27-28 New International Version (NIV)
27 “You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall not commit adultery.’ 28 But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.” He means it for all people.

Lusting for someone who is not your spouse is committing adultery. We have ALL done that. Focus on what we have all done, by using the 10 commandments. Lying, cheating, stealing, bearing false witness, not honoring our parents, not loving our neighbors as ourselves, not loving God with all our heart, soul mind and strength… we have ALL broken these. Stay on those. There are plenty of sins we commit no matter what our supposed “sexual orientation” is.

If they seem repentant, or sad, or very serious and thoughtful, offer them the hope of salvation through Christ. Then point them to the BIBLE. It will tell them as they read it all the sins they have committed via the Holy Spirit if they are saved. Jesus Christ is the Only One who saves, and when He saves He also gives us the Holy Spirit which helps to slowly clean up our lives: this is called “sanctification”.

Please pay serious attention to this. I was a “feminist bi-sexual” before salvation. I am no longer a feminist nor a bi-sexual. I didn’t need man to try to point out my faults, I needed GOD to do that and cleanse me.

Here is an example of how to share the Law and the Gospel with someone. Anyone. No special anything needed. <<== HERE
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@cocoyoongie Since we spoke of this on another thread (as seen above), I guess I need to ask you "What was it that didn’t settle alright for you in my answer last time?"

Is it a common problem we all have which is that you don’t want to say that anyone is condemned for their sin? If so, then I would ask you to think about this: If we are not already condemned for our sin against God, what do we need a Savior for?

Another common problem people have with folks who are homosexual is that they get all wound up about just that person’s homosexuality as though it were more important than the salvation of their souls! They don’t intend to do that, but they do when they become myopic and focus only on a person’s specific one sin.

This is none of our business. What is our business is to take the law and the Gospel to all creatures… that is what Christ commanded us to do! He did NOT command us to take other people’s inventories. We cannot save them after all, from anything. Could we save ourselves? Of course not. So our job is not to save them, not to judge them or condemn them, and not to myopically stare at one sin they happen to have as though their salvation or condemnation rests on that and that alone! It does not. There is a whole human being who needs to be saved. Let God do the saving and the sanctifying. Your job is to explain the 10 commandments, how we are all sinful, and that without salvation, we are all damned to an eternity in hell. Then share the Gospel.

And just in case I’m totally missing the mark here, and not giving you what it is you need to do what you feel compelled to do, try the following out:

Title: Viewing Homosexuals Through the Eyes of Jesus: Compelled by Compassion
Speaker: Emeal (“E.Z.”) Zwayne
Length: 56 minutes 9 seconds

CLICK HERE: Viewing Homosexuals Through the Eyes of Jesus: Compelled by Compassion

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This is a very sensitive issue. Yes the 10 commandments say it all. I hope they will realize their mistakes but as time passes by more and more LGBTQs unite for one goal and that is to recognize their rights and accept what they want in our society. Isn’t sin conquering them? The enemy is really working hard poisoning their minds.

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Yes, @cocoyoongie the enemy IS

The only way any of us “realizes our mistakes” is if Jesus Christ saves us. I did not fully realize the weight of my mistakes until I was saved. Oh, I had a general understanding that Christianity condemned all my sexual behavior except that inside my first marriage. Yet even then, I was already a fornicator and an adulterer at heart.
I am only saved from these sins due to the strength and power of Jesus Christ's sacrifice for me and the whole world on the Cross.

Watching those who are led astray through all perversions of human sexuality in our culture is so sad and hard to watch - these other lost souls being conquered by sin, and through that being slaves to the evil one. They are blind to what is really happening to them. That is why we are to spread the Gospel and pray.

Pray hard for them. Pray, and evangelize when you have an opening. The Word of the Lord is our weapon to strike down “every lofty thought” as follows:

2 Corinthians 10:5 New International Version (NIV)
5 We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.

Arguments and pretensions that set themselves up against the knowledge of God are all around us in American culture right now. So this is very much what is happening before our very eyes.

This is part of evangelism too. Letting those who do not follow Christ hear what is True and Righteous so that a seed is planted in their hearts. A seed was definitely planted in my heart during the time I was a child – regardless of the fact that my parents were involved in a movement that was and is false – early on and here and there, I heard the Bible and the Truth. It stayed in my heart because God planted it there, and frankly I can’t remember all those who took part in that.

Don’t give up on someone because they don’t respond immediately or even within your knowledge, to your evangelism via the law and the Good News (Gospel) of Christ! Unless they become so antagonistic and angry (especially violent) keep trying in love and humility and true care for their souls.

When I pray to the point of tears, I am sowing in tears, and have already, in this life, just a few months ago, reaped in joy! I was not the reaper, God was. But I saw it happen! That sustains me through those who seem unmoved by my sharing of the Truth of God’s Word.

Pray for them.
Pray that God will have great Mercy on them as He has had on us. If you really care, plead for them! I have 2 members of my family who identify as gay. And those people are people who I can only pray for, and not preach the Gospel to, because one has his own “church” he goes to (of course, that accepts homosexuals, but that is hardly it’s biggest flaw. At first it had a leader everyone was to worship!) and the other is wrapped in pride, arrogance and bitterness so deeply he is almost impossible to even be around. But I can always pray for them!