How do you deal with people that are too controlling?

How do you deal with people that are too controlling?

How do you deal with people that are too controlling? Wherein they control what you do on a daily basis, whom to socialize with, your chosen career in the future, and how you’re supposed to feel and react in every situation?

No one can ever control you unless you allow them to: but if you are a minor, your parents will really play a big role to you, from disciplining upto controlling. It is inate in Filipino culture, but as I observe here in Australia; as early as 3years old they will teach their sons/daughters to become independent.

Just always remember that whoever controls you today may play a big impact of who you will become tomorrow.

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Thank you for that @MakkaPakka :yellow_heart:

By feeding them with our very long patience :sweat_smile:. Give them what they want and make them satisfied.We knew at the end of the day they will face their sins during judgement day. Let karma handle the revenge. Let God protect you and guide you. Let God handle the unfortunes in your life. We all know, someday everything will be okay as long as we have him.

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Thank you @zayn22

Hello, dear @kianna
This kind of people is troublesome, if you’re a minor then you have to endure it a little because it the way of your parents of protecting you and trying to raise you for good. If you’re an adult then you have three options, talk about it directly or by indirects or just stopping that relationship.
I’ve always thought that talking is the best way to resolve this kind of social situations, but do as you feel more comfortable.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

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Thank you so much, @Luis_Ruiz. Yep, I’ll have to respect their ways.

Thank you, @triga