How do you evangelize Muslim?

How do you evangelize Muslim?
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“It seems like it’s a lot easier to talk about religious things if you’re talking about someone else’s beliefs … before bringing up your own,” he said. And just as Christianity consists of various denominations, all Muslims don’t believe the same, either. They have different levels of knowledge and involvement in their faith, he said.

“Every person you speak to is an individual, so no one fits into an exact mold,” . That goes both ways: We may assume things about Muslims that aren’t true, and vice versa.

After touching on the topic of God, you might make the point that although most people try to live their best and please God, no one is perfect. And that imperfection, that sin, is in direct opposition to God’s will for us. So how can we pay off that “sin debt”?

That’s where Jesus Christ comes in. A Christian can show a Muslim friend how Jesus was the only one to pay for our sins and how our debts can be forgiven through Him.

“going from the known to the unknown.” Start with something Christianity and Islam agree on, and deal with one issue at a time.

“Ask yourself: What is the next thing they need to know?”.

Example story:
A Muslim converted Christian told about how he was evangelized, When Kimberly first started sharing her faith, she said, she was overwhelmed by having a person’s soul in the balance. But she reminds herself that the Holy Spirit is also at work, and it’s up to each person what he or she does with the Gospel.

“I am not responsible for making sure they respond a certain way,” Kimberly said. Many will hear it an average of seven times before they respond, she added.

How do you evangelize Muslim?

Strategies for Muslim Evangelism - Biblical

The testimony of the Gospels provides the most reliable witness to Christ. Preach the Gospel as it is! Do not soft-pedal around biblical terminology to please Muslim hearers. Be clear about what you believe and why you believe it. Know the Scriptures well, and know the confessions and what exactly you believe (catechisms). The more you know about your faith, the easier it is to talk with Muslims.
There is no gospel in Islam. The Qur’an clearly contradicts the essence of biblical Christianity and rejects the triune nature of God, disfigures the biblical doctrines of the person of Christ and denies justification through faith on account of the work of Christ on the cross. While claiming to be the perpetual religion of nature and history, following in the footsteps of Christianity, it attempts to justify its claims by asserting that the Word of God, revealed in the New and Old Testament, is corrupted. Our apologetic discussion with Muslims should be to defend the Scriptures and prove that the Scriptures aren’t corrupt as Muslims claim. Our goal is to open up their minds a bit so that they can start reading the Gospels for an eyewitness or a companion of an eyewitness to the real Jesus.

Here is a link to a bunch of different ways to evangelize a Muslim, done by an expert, not by myself!

I find watching Ray Comfort helps because he is simple, direct, and Christian in his approach. He does not rail on people (yell at them or argue in a mean way) but he does not soft-pedal or minimize the danger to any who reject Jesus Christ as Savior and repent of their sins. He tells them the truth about what God promises will happen to them.

I have talked to few Muslim about bible. It was not easy to evangelize them. I just pray for Muslim to know Jesus Christ and Gospel.

I have never evangelized to Muslim before. I need to study about this.