How do you feel humanity is changing and will be changed for good through current circumstances?

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How do you feel humanity is changing and will be changed for good through current circumstances?

If this current global pandemic had only lasted a few weeks or maybe a month, I don’t feel I would be writing these words at all.
As it is, the world and mankind will never be the same as we move through 2020. Alongside the darkness of the pain, anguish and suffering of the people and families directly affected by Coronavirus in various ways, the light is piercing through this darkness so profoundly that I feel compelled to write these words down.

I have just shared 7 things which have been on my heart and mind in the last couple of weeks.

What do you think and feel is happening in the world and in your life?

1 — parents putting genuine quality time with their children ahead of money & materialism
2 — people living with humility rather than pride and self-centeredness
3 — people realising that pure joy and happiness comes living in the present with their family, rather than on spending money on experiences
4 — working parents embracing working from home so they see their children growing up far more, rather than commuting into the office each day or flying around the world as part of their prestigious job
5 — children gaining knowledge and wisdom about living life from their parents that they didn’t use to get as they didn’t see them as much before working from home
6 — people now living in and enjoying the present moment rather than being too busy to embrace everything they have right now for free in their life
7 — people choosing to speak to people around them no matter how they may look or act, due to realising they aren’t above them in any way

True! Covid19 leaves us a great lesson in our lives. Realizations such as having more time to God, more time to our family, doing the things that we seldom do due to being busy at work and a lot more. Above all, we develop each day our spiritual relationship to God which we neglect before Covid19 strikes. Hopefully as this crisis will end very soon, let us not forget to apply all our realizations as of today.

Maybe this crisis is a sign of the second coming of jesus christ. Let thy people change their aspects in life and turned to God. Let thy people embrace God to enable to have faith on him from now on. Let God protect your chamber and family.And let God enters our hearts and obey him.

One greatest thing I have realized in this pandemic is how hardworking my father is. He strives hard so we have food to eat everyday, given that because of this pandemic, prices of food from the market seemed to rise plus he still has to pay for the bills. He worked twice as hard for us. :yellow_heart: