How do you invite your friends and relatives to church?

I have a lot of friends and relatives who doesn’t believe that much in the Christian faith. There are a lot of times that I invited them but rejected it which is really unfortunate. Do you have any advices on how to invite yours properly without appearing as being too pushy?


Hello, dear @iona090
I always have believed going to the church is something you have to want to do, but something that can help to start that feeling and need to adore the lord is to invite those people who lack faith into faith activities.
Examples are religious groups, gathering of analysis of the Bible or related books, charity Cristian events, etc. Show your people the other side of the religion outside of the church, hopefully this would restart their fate, and after they would like to go to the church again.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero.

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@Luis_Ruiz Thank you for your advice, perhaps I should show and tell them properly about our savior. I’m sure slowly, as they know Jesus, they will finally accept my invitation to come to the church with me.

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Hello, dear @iona090
Sometimes they might think you are stubborn, but how not to be to share the love of God? Keep doing it, they will open their hearts eventually.

It would be nice if you first, make them feel or help them feel how important it is to go to church and listen to the word of the Lord. Because it wouldn’t be nice to force them if they don’t want to in the first place

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@iona090 ,
Sometimes it’s easier to invite someone to your church when there is already a planned Bible study in place. In a relaxed and informal way, suggest that your friend attend. If you don’t know your friend’s religious background, but think your church might be a good fit, proceeding in this manner allows your friend to be exposed to church in an environment with a lot less pressure.

hello @iona090 i hope you’re doing fine. when we are talking about church to our friends and relatives they used to think that we are “corny” “kill joy” worst is we are insane. i believe that inviting our love ones to church is our common problem.
however , what will i suggest is bring Jesus to them by showing Jesusness in you. once they see Jesus in you everything will follows. they will start to dig more about Jesus and thats our opportunity to invite them to church,.