How do you keep the connection in your marriage?

How do you keep the connection in your marriage?

Diane Cerven

Never leave the room or threaten to leave the room when arguing.

Brent Nicholson

God first, husband/wife second, then children. I’ve made the mistake of putting kids first, but that’s not the way God intended it for us. Our spouse comes first because we are one with them in Christ. You don’t ignore your arms or legs when your functioning in your body, same for Gods order of things. We are one soul in Christ. I’ve had to learn this, and trust, it changes the dynamic completely

Ashley Munoz

Don’t allow society into it!

Jay Earl

Being intimate with Jesus together. When you seek out Jesus. His love overflows your cup. People seem to think that they need love from their spouse. When you don’t get it, your relationship will start fading. When you seek out Jesus He fills your cup then you don’t need to get it from your spouse. Then when you both seek Him out together it’s a form of intimacy you both haven’t experienced. It’s what will allow you to to be intimate and it will bring you to another level in your relationship. Intimacy is where you’re found.

Devin Greil

Robert Brinkman, no, obedience. The bible tells us how a marriage should be. We should just follow those guidelines. Teachability is what the world uses to undermine God’s plan. We have been “taught” that genderroles should be blurred, that we can’t (physically) chastize our children anymore, thus upsetting the order the bible gives us for an optimal marital life. There’s a difference between wisdom and teachability.Mrigesh Robles de Medina There is no “no” to this. This is my answer, to my life, and my marriage.God has NEVER instructed me to avoid learning, or that by doing so I’m somehow undermining Him.… See moreRobert Brinkman, exactly this is YOUR answer. God definitely instructs us to learn…from Him and His word. He never said to learn from the world. If that’s what your saying, I agree with you. If not, also fine, but I am more curious about the weird di… See more

Mrigesh Robles de Medina

A couple that pray together both day and night in good times and the unbearable times stay together.

Enrico Johnathan Zachary Holmes

Always Put “JESUS” FIRST In your marriage everything will fall in its placeI ask God for my husband and he ask God for meWe been together ever since 2 years engage and 42 years been married if someone says is easy No it sure don’tI can’t testify to thatYou both need patience, understanding and work really hard for your marriage God is doing His jobWe need to do oursMay God Bless All marriageJesus is the glue on our Marriage without HimI know no question we already got divorce long time ago

Ruth P. Webb

By treating my wife the way I would want to be treated.

Alan MacDonald

by connecting to Jesus first!

Jessica Borgogni

We’re together 20 hrs a day.

Mark Miller