How do you know if God has given you as sign?

How do you know if God has given you as sign?
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I’ve always been wondering about this. Whenever I have problems or decisions that I must face immediately, I always pray to God, what should my decisions be and please give me a sign because I want to choose the right thing. But what does it means and how do you know that it was given by God?

@iona090: God answers in an unexpected ways. Let me give you an example, it happened last year. I was so eager to join in a stock market kind of stuffs, but I don’t have any knowledge about it. It took me how many months of learning, but I really can’t understand it.

One time, I ask the guidance of the Lord. “Lord, if investing in stock market would be for me, can you give me a sign if I have to join?”. A week after out of nowhere, I saw an advertisement offering his services about stock market stuffs and all you have to do is invest to him, and he will do the rest for you.

Fast forward, I join and forwarded a small amount for startup $300. I was really nervous, but so determined too. I transferred the money abruptly and he told me to wait for a while coz he didn’t receive my payment. I prayed again, “Lord, if my decision is wrong and if this is a scam; please just do not allow it to happen and be process”.

Early in the morning, I receive a notification that my payment wasn’t processed and the person who let me join in his team blocked me in social media. So thats it! The Lord will really give us a sign and always believe in Jeremiah 29:11…

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When everything here on earth is collapsing and you saw everyone panicking and everyone will repent for their sins. But no one knows. Only God knows when will he again descended from sky and give us judgement. Always pray for our sins and will be save.Nothing is powerful than asking for forgiveness.

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That’s really amazing! Thank you for this testimony! You’re prayers and petition to God were really answered. He really works in mysterious and unexpected ways in terms of your decision as long as you’re with Him. I’d like to add a verse in that which is from Psalm 46:1
“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.”

Hello, dear @iona090,
God is always there in his own different ways, we will never be Abel to acknowledge fully his signs as our imagination does not let us. But I really think that, when you 100% certain of something even if the whole world is saying that is not the answer that the Lord is talking to you. Or even when there’s something you think failed, but it works out for the best, that’s a sign of our Father.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

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