How do you know if someone is a christian?

how do you know if someone is a christian?

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I don’t know, only God know whether someone is a true christian or not, for there’re false brothers in the Church.

Jesus said through their fruit you can know the tree. I think a true Christian should live with the characteristics of Jesus.

God’s words will reveal the heart of a person. Paul knew who were false brothers. Why? Through the word of God. We need to know the word of God deeply.

if they can behavior as Jesus, i can recognize them as Christian.

With talking with him may know, with living with him will definitely know.

we can talking with him about Jesusand the Bible and the truth, did he know that? and then observe his behavior.did he do good,did he follow Jesus?

1, If one person go to church, pray to God, read bible, keep the Sunday service, other Christian seasons.
2, When a person share the gospel to others, I could know.
3, But deeply when a person really follow the word of God, through this person’s life, I could see the fragrance of Christ.

Nice Topic again way back 2018 Bro @Jimmy_Ka.

Its hard to know if someone is a christian nowadays because some of us is hiding their religion. Acting like they are cool or maybe they are hiding it because they are worrying about the people will said to them if they pray before eating something like that.

But if you need a true christian to find out. Some of them is are praying even in front of many people or in public. And also helping people who had nothing.
Disclaimer that not only christian people can do the things i’ve said above.