How do you look at Job's wife?

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How do you look at Job's wife?

Job 2:8 His wife said to him, “Are you still maintaining your integrity? Curse God and die!”

Many people believed Job’s wife didn’t believe God because of this verse. But also there are some people who holds that Job’s wife lost her faith in God because of the great suffering. What’s your opinion?


Job’s wife believed God, otherwise, she would not want Job to curse God. People would not curse something nonexistent.

She just lost faith, maybe.

Job’s wife gave him a chance to say the following, and I find it helpful when I feel like Job’s wife, or Job himself:

She did not know god truly and just think God depend on the environment and conditions.

The sufferings coming to Job is really unbearable. I can understand the feeling of Job’s wife. Actually even for Job himself, he also has a lot of questions toward to God. But he got peace and answer from the conversation with God. When we really see God face to face, we will get all the answers from Him.

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She should encourage Job to rely on God. And she should help Job to recover. But she did not.

It’s always easy to jump to conclusions of what we think we would or should do (or our partner should do).
But this was no ordinary tale. All of Job & his wife’s children were killed, they lost everything they owned, and Job was covered from head to toe in painful oozing boils. He was scraping his skin with broken pottery. This wasn’t just “Hey snap out of it.”

Truth is, none of us knows what Job’s wife was feeling as it does not indicate anything other than what she said in the text. But I imagine she was angry with God and like many of us do without intending to, she took it out on the one closest to her: Job.

But the big story is that somehow, Job’s faith was so strong, even then, he kept his head straight on who God is.