How do you seek the face of God?

How do you seek the face of God?
If his Glory is brighter then the Sun…
Love you all

Jocelyn Gowland

The Reflection of GOD in what is Beautiful is a image of the Face of GOD PARABLES PARABLES PARABLES

Robert Allen

God was Incarnated in Flesh through Jesus. and Jacob met God along with Abraham Before. It is enough evidence we can meet Him according to what He can be.

Venerion Kernel Stuzearn

But the God in Full Form i think i guezz cannot be seen just by a normal Presence. He is too Powerful, just like the Presence of His Hands He did when Moses asked God [YAHWEH] to Show up in the stead of all those complaining people of Israelites. almos… See more

Venerion Kernel Stuzearn

Matthew 5:8 Says Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God This verse means people that go all out, not halfway, Will see God. says Matthew, not lukewarm Christians make Jesus nauseous to the point of Vomiting.Revelation 3:16.

Rosemary Lange

I’ve been attacked by demons trying to destroy my life for not believing in His perfect will.I would say seek the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and fire - Matthew 3:11… See more

Ting Chung

Moses spoke to God face to face but he did not see all of his glory we’re all of His brightness. So you should be happy to see as much as that.

Philip Elrod