How do you struggle against sins?

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How do you struggle against sins?

For me, in my walk with Christ through His Word every day, God’s Holy Spirit convicts me of sin. Points it out to me. I feel some of what He feels: disgust, abbhorence, and a desire to make it right.
Only with this help can my struggles against sin be successful.

When this is happening, I turn to Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior and beg His forgiveness. I then ask for strength to overcome, for His Grace to supply me with the desire to stop sinning in that way.

Every day I do this. I read, I listen to God’s Word, and the Holy Spirit convicts me of what needs correction in my life. In this way I have a day by day, step by step, Helper from God. Not only to recognize sin and reject temptation but also to be given the strength to overcome.

In this way, all glory goes solely to God Most High.

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How do you struggle against sins? do you have a good idea?

i listened to sermon, and communicate to other Christians. When other people still face the same problem, i can have confidence to overcome too.

For me, keep daily spiritual standard is very important. Let the words of God on my forehead, in my heart, meditate the life of Jesus Christ, then I could be guided by the words of God.

Always remember there is God, there will be the judgement after die. Have the fear to God.

Watching the gospel movies or praying for it

I pray for God to reveal my sins to me, and then pray and read the Bible and ask for guidance to overcome it.

I confess my sins to God. And repentance. I seek forgiveness and try to live according to His word.