How do you understand the Cross of Jesus Christ?

How do you understand the Cross of Jesus Christ?

Yes I believe the cross of my lord Jesus, and it is the only way to redeem me from my sins. There is no other way that I can remove my sins, except Jesus died for my sins and coverd my sins with His precious blood.

Do you believe the cross of JC? How do you believe?

The cross of Jesus is literally death, sacrifice, and suffering. But there is a resurrection, not an end, on the cross. Jesus himself took a cross to bear our sins. And you climbed Golgotha Hill. The cross is a tool of death and punishment. God also said that those who are on the tree are cursed. But Jesus Christ turned that curse into salvation. This is salvation, love, and sacrifice.

For me, this point is difficult to understand. And several years later, I began to understand. I think that it is because of sin.

The cross of Jesus Christ is a great victorious. It is also great love God towards us.

Because our sins that killed Jesus on the cross. But the power of God turned the death to life. This is His almighty power. As sinners as us, we should never boast our sins, that’s so evil. But only boast our Lord Jesus Christ, who forgave us and through His blood, we are cleansed and saved.

The cross is a curse in the Old Testament, what’s more, now it has become the glory of God. The great and amazing love showing on the cross gives me the confidence and evidence that there is nothing any more to separate the love from God, even the death. Jesus has conquered death with His death. That’s so amazing!

It is God’s love to me. It is also the great power of salvation.