How do you understand the doctrine of The Trinity?

How do you understand the doctrine of The Trinity?

The Trinity is a complex matter of Scripture that has stumped many scholars, theologians, and the common man for centuries.

In a comical fashion – to serve as an attention grabber, of sorts-- Todd Freil warns the zealous Bible student of those heresies that immediately sprung up in regards to the explaining the Godhead:

…while Jeff Durbin explains this essential biblical doctrine in the following link:

This point is very important.

It’s very easy, the answer is his image. And since we are made in it, we have the tools to understand it. In fact we sometimes don’t even notice we are dictating parts of our own trinity. Father (mind), Son (body), Holy Spirit (soul), these agree as one but are separate entities to make up one being. The reason Elohim is both singular and plural. You ever wake up in the morning and the body is willing but the spirit is not… you ever command your body to do things… you talk or think about these parts separately but they are you, the individual.

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