How does someone know they are saved?

How does someone know they are saved?

Danyelle Armstrong

The filling of the Holy Spirit is how you know. There is a reason he is called the comforter. 2 Corinthians 1. 21Now it is God who establishes both us and you in Christ. He anointed us, 22placed His seal on us, and put His Spirit in our hearts as a p… See more

Jones Timothy

For me it’s the feeling in my heart I gave my life to Christ around 12 but only realized what that meant at around 40 Jesus really does save and I now have no worries he’s is my sheild my sword and my salvation

John Firquain

He who repents and has faith in the Messiah. And he who does the will of the Father. He who becomes like a child, who also becomes holy and strives for righteousness. For it is possible to be holy, as we are commanded to do, for He is holy. Amen.

Efra Garcia Jr.