How great God is and let you know he does answer prayers when we trust in him

I would like to give testimony of how great God is and let you know he does answer prayers when we trust in him.
Last month I asked for prayer as I was passing gallstones , I received many prayers from you all and I’m greatful for them , at the time I asked God to dissolve the gallstones . On the post someone sent me a private message with a remedy which I followed strictly , lemon juice and Virgin olive oil , with the 1st time I passed 23 medium to large stones , I had to do it 2 more times after this the next time I only passed a few and there after I passed 59 small to medium stones , when my doc asked for a sample to send in for testing , I did so and he got back to me recently saying that the medical labs are clueless as when they tried to test them they just dissolved and they were not able to test them . I’m now trusting in God my father that they will not return , I have been pain free for almost a month and from what iv heard passing gallstones usually takes a few months and I was blessed enough to pass the process in 1 month . To add I had an infection in my gallbladder which was healed in a week with medication and was able to avoid having the gallbladder removed , I am truly greatful to those who said prayers for me and sent me the remedy and most of all to my father in heaven , my Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit for answering my prayers , all the honour and glory to you my God .

Amen to that Lloyd…thanks for posting it here @Jimmy_Ka… God’s power literally knows no bounds. May the good Lord continue to heal everything that needs healing upon you, and to those who are suffering and needs healing too… God bless Lloyd!