How important is equality in a marriage?

Define what you mean by “equality”…

Hello, dear @MakkaPakka,
I have always thought that a marriage, and a relationship of couple for that matter, should be always based on equality. Of course there will be things that differentiate each of the persons, but the idea is take those thing and strive to get the middle ground where btoh are happy. This is particularly important when there are character or money big differences. Because a marriage, a couple is a team, is a two people deal.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

@Luis_Ruiz: True sir! It takes two to tango… As they say, what a man can do; a woman can do too…

All I can say for a relationship to be balance. Put God in the center of your relationship, in your decision and in your life. In order to that be attentive and be very active in worshipping him. Devotional during 4am might help both parties. In that way they will feel connected, share each other’s thoughts, reflections in life and unto him. etc.

@zayn22: That’s true! But I cannot commit waking up as early as 4am as I have a sleeping disorder and could sleep around 12-2am…but, we can do the daily devotion before sleeping at night. I realized that whenever God is missing in your relationship, everything runs so rough…I mean we always quarrel to small things. But if you both have the same thoughts about God, your relationship will gonna sail smoothly.