How is Christianity different from other religions?

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There are so many religions in this world. All religions seem to propagate some basic values for life and live harmoniously while we live in this world. Why do you think the Christian faith is exclusive among the religions. Should people become a Christian to live the right kind of life? Isn’t okay for them to live a good moral life without being a Christian?

I think Jesus Christ is the truth, way, and road. This is the only way to guide us to God.

There are different lights in the world: Sun, star, candle. Jesus’ coming is like lighting! King of kings and Lord of Lords.

It’s good for one man marries one woman not many. Before you meet Jesus, you can live according to your conscious and what you think best way of living. After you meet Jesus, in this big light, you can’t help but put Him at the center. You can worship only one God, not many.

yes, it is Good. your sharing is graceful

Christianity is vastly different from all other religions in one respect that I know of (there are probably many more).

In Biblical Christianity, a human being has NOTHING to offer God. There is nothing one can do to “earn” salvation from Jesus Christ. In fact, one must admit to one’s total bankruptcy spiritually, morally, and sometimes other ways as well. Then it’s up to Jesus Christ to save the person. When He does so, they become a completely different person in Him.

In all other religions, including ones that claim to be a “kind” of Christianity, the human being has a certain prescribed set of things to accomplish or goals to meet to “earn” whatever that religion is saying it offers. Even Catholics, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons and Christian Science followers have a prescribed set of goals they must attain in order to get whatever that religion claims.

In Biblical Christianity (meaning what the Bible alone says about being a Christian) the decision is entirely up to God to save or not save. And once you are saved, you are forever saved. Even our most wonderful deeds of goodness are as filthy rags before the Creator of the Universe. We depend on Him for all.