How is the salvation in NT better and more perfect than salvation in the OT?


How is the salvation in NT better and more perfect than salvation in the OT?

George Grant

Salvation is through Jesus before that was the law

Shelley Renae

In the OT…The Blood of the animals cannot take away sins, that’s why they need to offer every year for the sinsnof the priest and the people. All is done by works, according to the Law, but in the NT, salvation is a gift, by grace through faith in the Son of GOD, not by works. But by the works of Jesus Himself to redeem us through His own blood from our sins and the penalty of it, once for all. His death, burial and resurrection. His righteousness is imputed to us who believe. The NT speaks of better things than the OT.

Rose Austria

Why do you care? Our salvation is through Jesus Christ. He made a new covenant with us that replaces the old.

Linda Pacifico

Jesus fulfilled the Old Law. The old law, with animal sacrifices could not take the sins of the people away it could only atone for them. Christ’s blood takes our sins away and we can have a home with God, because God can not be where sin is.

Mary Vance

The New and Old testament go hand in hand and Old should also be considered just as important as New. Cause alot of verses tell about the future coming of Jesus (if you really read and study it).

Tamela Woolford-Ricci

Because during the OT it was works and faith based, now during the NT it’s just faith, all because of what Jesus Christ did!

Samantha Dial

God has saved people the same way throughout time, faith through regeneration

Ashley Moore