How many are you baptized?

How many are you baptized?

Joseph MO

Was the thief on the cross baptized, no so it’s is more a right of passage, don’t get me wrong everyone should be baptized. To show a public display of your salvation.

Alan Faulk

All believers should be it’s an commandment

Londonn Ramsey

I am… but If you have a relationship with Jesus you will go to heaven… the thief that believed in Jesus went to heaven and was not baptized.

Lisa Allen Vazquez

Can’t see the kingdom if your not ,yes I am

Romano Dickenson

I was paedobaptized as an infant and credobaptized as an adult

James McNair Brown

When I was a kid but I don’t count it because I grew up part of the world. Now I am a born again believer and want to be baptized again

Jasmine Russell

But that don’t get you to heaven just remember that!

Clint Harper