How many times do you think you sin a day?

How many times do you think you sin a day?
This is a topic God put on my heart yesterday.
Since this morning I know I sinned at least 3 times. I lied, I thought about sexual sin and I swore.
That doesn’t include all the doubt, worry and fear.
You might think you’ve gone a whole day without sinning but your dead wrong.
We also sin when we do nothing knowing we should of done something.
Every day that goes by that we haven’t done anything we should of done something about we are sinning to.
So what does this actually mean. It means we are riddled with sin to the core of our beings. We are born into sin, we live in a sinful world, we sin every day and sin even when we think we are not because we don’t fight for injustices. As soon as our brains turn on it’s a sinning machine. Even off we sin in our dreams…when we are thinking about one thing we should be thinking about something else. It doesn’t matter whether we are thinking or not. Every day we walk past a homeless man and think about something else we are sinning. We know an abortion clinic is in our city but we don’t protest.
Suffering and evil hurt persecuted Christians and non believers all around the world and we think about icecream.
Truthfully we are filled to the brim running over with sin. And yes I’m talking about Christians. So where does that leave the unbeliever?
We may think we Christians are doing ok.
But we are not ok. It’s only because we are saved from destruction we are ok as long as we show we have accepted God’s grace through the lives we live by what Jesus has done.
That’s why God is invisible no longer walking with us in the garden because of sin.
The Holy Spirit can live in us because God chooses not to see our sin because of the blood of Jesus and now lives in us by the Holy Spirit. But we are still sinful running over. But justified by The Blood.
Even if we could resist many sins we would not be able to resist them all. We are called to make an effort but Jesus has done all the heavy lifting for our sins so every single sin we do is covered.
That’s the good news of the Gospel.
What are your sins. What sins are you doing and what about what your not doing but should be?
We need to pray about both positions: do and don’t do’s that the Holy Spirit and the Father will help us give up the sins we know we do and ones we don’t know we are doing.
And thank Jesus as our mediator knowing he knew what it was like to live amongst us and save us.
Once the world had no sin, the animals lived in harmony, the earth was at peace, as long as the tree of life sustained us and the earth we were immortal. Our bodies and Spirits would never die. Now Sin and death over came us but Jesus over them. Salvation came. We are to tell of the Good news to all who will listen.
I’ve been made Holy in the blood of the lamb. God no longer sees my sin and yet I’m a sinner. Praise God.
The least I now can do is ask God for help in walking away from my sinful nature and make an effort. He washed me clean and can no longer see the penalties for my sins but allows sin to remain so I know I need his grace and without him I’m nothing.
To follow Jesus is to follow the sinless Shepherd. To accept the Holy Spirit is to be sealed for salvation and become more like Jesus.
All the while the Father God watches over me and this sinful shell I live in answering my prayers and leading me home.
Salvation from our sins is the biggest good news on the planet but we crucified our savoir in favour of sin and death. What do we deserve those who crucified the Almighty?
Those who reject such a Salvation. Eternal Justice is for them as is Eternal Justice for those who accept him and his Salvation.
Humility before our God Jesus Christ. Prayer and thanks giving with repentance is all he asks. We cannot be perfect but by following Christ we are perfected in his image.
Thankyou God for helping me and saving me. Please help me play my part in walking away from my problematic sins.
In Jesus name.

Chris Dobson

Thank you for this, we need Jesus every second every minute, alone we cannot.repentance is constant , we regularly need it just as we need breathe to live

Shiata Shiru Michael

Eric D Williams

Daniel B Homer Jr.

Eric D Williams


Shelly Lyons

Very sin conscious

Serge Kevin Solomons

James 4:17 - Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth [it] not, to him it is sin.

Daniel B Homer Jr.

Enlightening! I hope I used the right word for this post.

Ben De Castro