How many years have you walked with God?

How many years have you walked with God?
I’m 17years


40 years. Wow, @Jimmy_Ka you got me feeling really old hehe. But if there’s one wisdom I can share with you having been a Christian for so long, it’s this – walking with God cannot be counted in human years. You know that there are dog years and turtle years, right? They just don’t translate the same way to how we view time, years, and aging. I have been a Christian for 40 years but that really means nothing. What’s more important to ask myself is, “Am I intimate with God now?”

18 wonderful years :yellow_heart:

Hello, dear @Jimmy_Ka
That was a very good question, I really though about it, and even if my family is very religious and raised me as a good servant of the Lord, to be honest I didn’t talk and open my heart fully to God until I was 15 years old.
That was when I started going to a juvenil group where we talked about God, the Bible and a lot dynamics, it was a very good place to be at the time.
After that, I felt I walked that right path with God, right now that’s 9 years to be almost 10.
Thank you for that question, I always like that kind of questions.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

I grew up in a Christian family, so all my life I’ve been inside the church, and was taught about the Bible inside the sunday school. But only on my teenage years that I’ve really acknowledge the salvation that God has given me. So I can say it is about 8 years. I’m really blessed for growing up in a family full of faith, and a favored believer.