How much time do you spend on social media like Facebook and Ins?

The time is God’s gift, very precious. How much time do you use for social media? What did you do on Facebook and Instagram?

Half an hour before, but now more.

one hour…

I think I don’t use Facebook too much, so I spend a little time on it, about 10 minutes.

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Almost a two years ago Topic, But let us bring this back on. I know that everybody can relate in this topic.

To tell you honestly I don’t have a instagram Account and i already disabled my Facebook Account 2 years ago but my messenger still up so can contact some of my true friends.

But back in my facebook days i almost spending my nights and days watching videos on my news feed. I think it is almost 2 hours for night time and day time.

Wow, I spend almost the whole day on social media. Most especially now since it is where I work and study. It has been a long time since I sat down and enjoyed reading a book.