How often do you make mistakes?

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How often do you make mistakes?

For me. I don’t know maybe through out my whole life I live with full of lies and mistakes. And as much I wanna change the old me. I can no longer run from my past. It’s kinda depressing when you feel different each day. Waking up each day with problems facing personally. No one knows you’re into that situation but I guess I can manage myself and be brave.

@zayn22: hello there! All of us make mistakes, but what matters most is we learn from all of it. We cannot always dig up the past. So in order to live a life full of positivity, we should inhale positive vibes as always.

I often do mistake as much as I am and not aware of it, that’s why at the end of the day, when I pray I ask God for forgiveness of the things that I have done even if I am not aware of it. But I am sure in every situation that we made mistakes, is that there is an underlying lesson that we learn.

Repent, embrace the Savior!

Would you “manage yourself and be brave” jumping out of an airplane 10 thousand feet in the air? Would you flap your arms to save your life after jumping?

Of course not. Dumb question, right? Thinking we can “do it ourselves” or “manage on our own” is one of the worst traps a person can fall into. We cannot be better of our own desire to be so, no matter how intense that desire is. If you want to know how I know this, I tried it myself for 6 years. And what I had at the end was over 100 bleeding ulcers. It’s not possible for fallen sinners to “clean up their act” of their own doing.

Rely on Jesus Christ!

I don’t really know how often I do make mistakes.
But I do a lot ever since my existence.

And it only reveal that I am weak, not perfect, vulnerable and need a Savior.

Before I was very sin conscious and it makes me feel then guilt and condemnation everyday.

But when the truth shattered my mind about being sin conscious, It turn me into SON conscious. That I am a child of GOD. Princess of GOD.

Before as sin conscious. My prayer in morning is Lord help me not to sin today and at night my prayer is Lord sorry I sinned.

But when I am in SON conscious or focus on being a child of GOD. My prayer is Lord help me to walk as your princess today and at the end of the day my prayer is Lord thank you for helping me to walk as your princess and child of GOD. As we love each person that I encountered daily.

Everyday. I used to rebel from my parents before. I did a lot of things I somehow regret. But one thing is for sure, as I reflected on my wrongdoings before, I see myself slowly changing for the better. I truly learned from my mistakes. And what’s better is that I get to share my new learnings from my friends who are going through the same things as I have before, make sure they are alright and they are guided well.

When i was in College there are many mistakes I did. I’ll rebel towards my parents and used to be friends in unbelievers and i didn’t know that im doing what the Lord wants me to be. and I expirience many things like Drugs,alcohol many more and after that there is a Pastor who came to our campus and preach the Gospel and I learned about How God loves us. and I realized that there is God that love me so much even in my darkest life. Thank you Jesus for saving me.

@zayn22 There is no need to “manage myself and be brave” if you are born into the new life we call Christianity. If God has saved you, you never have to face ANYTHING alone! You have a great High Priest (Jesus Christ) who lives forever and intercedes on your behalf. You have God’s Holy Spirit dwelling within you. As you make your plans and ask that God’s will be done, He will guide your steps. Trust in Him, not in yourself! God bless.

Hell @zayn22 Just want to share this verse from the bible that will enlighten us about the mistakes we commit in life and how God acts on it.

Psalm 130:3-4
3 Lord, if you kept a record of our sins,
who, O Lord, could ever survive?
4 But you offer forgiveness,
that we might learn to fear you.

It says here that God never keeps a record of our mistakes, when we commit a sin and ask for genuine forgiveness, He forgives and forgets. For me what’s important is we should always have a conscious awareness that our Almighty Father is always watching us. Yes, we are not perfect. Every now and then we will commit mistakes but if we put it into our hearts and minds that we have God looking over us then the fear of the Lord will help us limit our mistakes or limit our sins.

@zayn22 Everyone makes mistakes in life. But regrets should not ground us in the past. It should make us grateful that we have a conscious mind that realized what is right from wrong. It should give us strength to wisely use our present to make our future better. Reflecting is also essential, reflecting from all the mistakes we made means we can prevent doing the same things over and over again. Most importantly, we learned from it and we continuously strive to become better person.

greetings to everyone, mistakes? let us all understand that mistakes in life is definitely guaranteed … as much as we want to be perfect we couldn’t achieve it until we commit mistakes or failure …also, mistakes comes with fear and insecurities sometimes it will hinder us from moving forward… so don’t be trapped … God said -So be humble under GODS powerful hand then he will lift you up when the right time comes.

Oh, wow, I guess the easier question is how often do we often NOT make a mistake :slight_smile:

Ever since sin entered humanity, sinning and making mistakes (knowingly or unknowingly) have become human nature. This means it is easier to be wrong than right. But thanks be unto God, because the salvation we received from the Lord through Jesus Christ by faith did not only save us from eternal damnation but also gave us a “second” nature – the new man. Now, we have the capacity to not sin and not commit mistakes.

If it were just up to us, we will make mistakes every minute, but with God guiding us, we can do much, much better.