How often do you read your Bible?

How often do you read your Bible?

2020-04-09 145015

Hello there @Jimmy_Ka…I make it a habit to read everyday as part of my 365/366 days bible guide. And it is my third year now to finish again all the books in the Bible.:blush:

I try my very best to understand well the Bible so I stick to a certain chapter or two for a week, because sometimes I just get confused and lost.

@Jimmy_Ka. Already heard this topic on this community before. But my answer is Not often, i know that if you want to follow Jesus you must know his word first which is written in the bible. But i have my bible stories book here it has a drawing. i think this book is for kids but im enjoying reading this version.
This is my foundation of the bible.
By using this bible i can say that im reading the bible also ? :slight_smile: