How should I pray for my Idol worship father and brother?

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How should I pray for my Idol worship father and brother?

My father and my brother they worship the ancestor, I really hope they can leave the control of Satan, how can I pray for them?

Hi, Mario, I am thankful to see you have this precious heart for your relative. I think you can repent the sins of your family before God as the representative of your family. And God will forgive them and lead them to Jesus Christ. This is a spiritual battle, I suggest you invite more members in your church to pray for your family members.

Here is our recent video that I believe will help you in understanding what idols and idolatry consist of today.


Amen. Thank you so much for your previous answer. It is very helpful for me~

Pray for them to know truth.
Pray fro them to open eyes to see who is real God.

Just as Jesus prays for us to God. we pray for our family members. We repent our sins and theirs as well. God will do His work through you.

I have enclosed two link that help you in praying for your family:

Also we have a YouTube channel for all to use freely.