How should we be? Merciful

How should we be? Merciful.
What will this include? Refraining from judging our neighbor.
What should we do so far as our neighbor’s sins are concerned? Forgive if we wish to receive forgiveness.
How was God to us while we were still His enemies? Merciful.
How should we each be to our neighbor? Merciful.

James McNair Brown


Danny Woody

Stop looking at your Neighbor sin, and start looking at your own. And You will be alright.

Roger Barnett

It’s not our job to judge others, that’s the sin we commit, we are to love each other as we would wish to be loved

Richard Tierney

Watts a more befitting term than merciful? OTCompassionate NTWatt say you readers.

Bruce Marchetta

“What should we do so far as our neighbor’s sins are concerned?” That’s not in our authority

Art Guerra

Umm? How is it mercy if your not making a judgment call?

MajorVon Arney

We CAN JUDGE but without bitterness in our heart, rather with sincere attempt to help the person to get away from their error and return to God.

George Grant