How to avoid HEARTACHES?


A lot of people encounter heartaches because they assume too much that the other person has the same perceptions and views as his/her. So in order to avoid heartaches, you must not expect too much to someone and pray to God to accept others differences.

I will drag this topic up coz I know everyone can relate most especially to those who experience it…First of all, nobody gets into a relationship intending to get hurt and anything worthwhile has its risks…

The key point to avoid heartaches? DON’T OVER ANALYZE…A lot of us spend hours analyzing every last detail about the relationship why it ended that way which only leads to confusion, depression, and a massive waste of time. Once you’ve thought through what went wrong with the relationship and what was good about it, let it go…again…let it go and start a good life. Just remember this: The reason why God allowed him/her to walk away is because you prayed for a good partner, and he/she wasn’t it…:wink:

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Yes, I agree with you @MakkaPakka! We tend to over-analyze things most especially those we no longer have control in. Change is inevitable. We can’t control other people’s feelings. People come and go, and that’s okay and it’s normal. What matters is how we handle it. Will you cry over it for weeks or choose to accept what happened. It is normal to cry and be sad about it of course, but choosing to cry for more than weeks will not change what happened, and it is not good for you, too. Instill in your mind that God has a greater plan for you, that alone keeps me positive and going.

@zayn22 For me, heartaches are a part of life. There are no shortcuts, we cannot avoid it. It teaches us to be strong and to rely on God even more. Heartaches brings wisdom that we will be carrying until we grow old. We just have to know how to manage our emotions so that instead of disaster, it will give us healing.

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@kianna: true dear! If it is not meant to be, then be it…It is normal to cry because as humans as we are: we get hurt and you can cry as long as you want in order to release the pain…after crying, get up and stand up again…that is life! Better days are coming if you allow God to be part in it…:blush:

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@kbadum: It is true! Experiencing heartache is truly a part of life, especially when we expect something to someone…lower your standards to avoid disappointments…After all, that heartache will make you more wiser and stronger to face life’s journey…Just allow God to help you heal and move forward.

Hello, dear @zayn22
I find this a funny word… Not because I don’t believe they exist, but because I think the solution is very simple. Get to know each other before a relationship, if you do that you won’t assume stuff. Because the truth is, heartaches comes from people imagining stuff that makes them be angry, sad or worse. By knowing your partner, and by extension understanding him or her you will be able to be at peace or to trust him in a real way. Of course there are people that are bad boyfriend or girlfriend, but that’s exactly why you should get to know the other person well.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero.

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People will come and go. That’s part of life. We can never avoid heartaches. We can only choose to move on and let go or hold on. No matter how many times we have been hurt or been through the same process, we can never avoid to get hurt unless we stop attracting the same people or we stop accepting every person we meet. But how can you love if you wont open your heart to them? We can only learn how to be stronger and learn hard lessons. Its about finding someone whose worth the pain and battle. Every situation or person will teach us lessons. Maybe we can start setting our minds to “God, what is this trying to teach me? Or, what is the lesson I should learn from this?” And we should always trust God that we will get what is meant for in the right time. Trust the process.

@Luis_Ruiz: I agree Sir! Knowing each other is the best way before jumping or diving into a relationship… Nowadays, knowing each other stage seems like unimportant because a lot of teenagers are diving abruptly to relationships for the sake of having one…People nowadays are after with the looks not with the attitudes, but not all people though…:blush:

Yep, @MakkaPakka! We can acknowledge the pain but let us not let it drive our lives. It is normal to mourn but we must choose to accept it and move on, or else we will be slaves of our past, and that will not be very nice for our future.

I agree with this one @Jean…In life we will meet a lot of people who could sometimes leave marks and scars within us. We meet them by purpose, either to learn from them or they will learn from us…and it is a cycle…the cycle will only end if the right one comes along…and of course, in God’s perfect time…:blush:

True dear @kianna…unload the baggage after so that it will not be a trouble in the future…because if you will not load the baggage of your past, the scenario in the future will eventually repeat again and again… :blush:

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Yes @MakkaPakka! Nasa huli ang pagsisisi!

As you heal, as you process and as you move forward, remember that God is still here in the midst of it all. He sees, he knows, he hears. And he wants to work in you in a mighty and miraculous way during all of life’s circumstances and seasons—including right now as you work through the aftermath of heartbreak (Romans 8:28).

There are things that we can’t avoid in life, and one of them is getting heartbroken. A heartbreak could make us strong. I’ve been heartbroken during my teens and I can say that those allowed me to learn how to handle a relationship better, and now I am in a great and solid marriage.

But, that doesn’t necessarily mean we look forward to be heartbroken :slight_smile: I’d say to avoid heartaches, just be selfless, giving, and understanding. Easier said than done, I know.

I agree my brother @Luis_Ruiz – the key is to know each other well. My wife and I got married after 6 years of dating! But I have to admit we are still learning a lot from each other after 18 years of marriage. Another key to a good, strong, and godly relationship is for you and your partner to get to know God better together. Pray and meditate on God together.


Hello, dear @eestioko
Congratulations on your management of your marriage, that’s how I see it should go any serious relationship. I mean we find thing about ourselves every day, now about other person even more!! And that point you make is very important, while I don’t judge people, if both can share spaces when praying, going to the church, that only will make them stronger and blessed by God.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero.

Agree @eestioko! 18 years? Wow! That’s way too long hehe…Marriage is truly indeed a constant hardwork for both in order to succeed. I’ve been married for almost 5 years now, and it has been a very roller coaster ride for both of us, as there are circumstances that I never thought would happen in the long run…There are new discoveries of attitudes that where unforeseen before the dating and relationship stages after marriage and the like… I agree to what you have said that we need to get to know God better together…I guess that is the lacking part of our relationship now, as he is so busy with his work that he forgets our daily devotional and our prayer every night…

@zayn22 I believe that we cannot avoid heartaches however we can reduce the pain that we experience or might encounter.
I remember in my senior year, that was the worst heartache I’ve couldn’t imagine. Fell in love with him was like a dream come true, then suddenly he left me without saying goodbye. I know it may sound crazy but he’s my first love. I prayed that God will remove the heartache that I am going through, I prayed that give me strength and be with me, I also focus on my study and pursue my college dream. I think expecting too much can lead us to a big disappointment. So let us not expect too much. And just go with the flow