How to balance the use of spiritual gifts to serve believers?

Many members in our church look forward to experience the work of the Holy Spirit, I mean the service of spiritual gifts. As pastors, we preach a lot of truth, a lot of fundamental information. And we want them to build a relationship with God first, not just look at the signs and wonders of faith. But as believers’ lives growing, they became very interested in spiritual service.Some people say: “can’t we do this first? Because so many people in the bible follow the Lord for His healing. Let miracles serve the truth good way to preach Gospel. Isn’t it better for us to serve and heal people with all spiritual gifts before we let them know the truth? Because the bible also has a lot of records, that after Jesus healed people, a lot of people followed.”

I do have some spiritual gifts, but in the face of everyone’s needs, I am somewhat powerless.I don’t know how to use it in balance.I went to the bible and found that the Lord did heal a lot of people, and a lot of people followed and of course a lot of people left at last.The bible also says that the Lord used signs and wonders to justify the word of the disciples.How do I balance the two?If you have any good Suggestions, please leave a message to me. Thank you.

God give spiritual gifts to the believers, so that they can have the power to do the work God gave them. And the purpose the work is to lead people before God.

I feel we should pray more for God’s will. Some people in the world also can perform miracles, but they belong to the devil.