How to be strong?

I just thought of myself as the weakest from our family. I really need to improve and discover what I got. I don’t even have talent or something, I’m not smart too. Nothings good coming for me.

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Don’t say “nothings good coming for me” @zayn22…there are a lot of things God is in store for you. All you have to do is explore God’s given talent to you. Talents like writing, singing, dancing, etc. If you want to become smart, you may consider reading online books in goodreads. Find something that could enhance your skills. :blush:

It depends on the person. But for me, I start by acknowledging, “Yes, I am not strong, but I don’t want to stay here. I want to become strong.” I may not be like other choleric people whose personalities are dominant and assertive, but I discovered that sticking to my standards and upholding them makes me more sure about myself. The best thing to do is to surround yourself with people from whom you can learn. Interact with good people, and don’t mind negativities from others. Remember: you must only doubt an idea, not yourself.

Hi, @zayn22
Do not think of yourself like that. God gave us all wonderful and exceptional gifts. Maybe, you still haven’t figured it out, but it does not mean it’s not there. Never lose hope and always pray to the Lord God! God bless you!

Hi ! @zayn22
Just be courageous enough to be confident in yourself. Confidence is a big part of our character and overall being.
Being strong just like happiness is a choice for us to make everytime. I always say this - we can never foresee what may happen to us but we can cantrol how we will react towards that
Also, if you have learned to forgive and love your neighbors as you love yourself then you get stronger than ever !

Hi @zayn22! Apart from God we are nothing.

I remember what God told Joshua is book of Joshua 1:6-9.
Being STRONG and COURAGEOUS is NOT an option. It’s a COMMAND with a promise that GOD is WITH YOU despite of your weaknesses and limitations. It’s not about you. It’s about where is the source of your strength and courage coming from.
When the natural realities of life supersedes by the supernatural truth.

I also remember Gideon when you say that you are the weakest in your family. Gideon is the least among his tribes and coward as well but God says to Him that He is a mighty warrior.

Like Gideon, it doesn’t matter how we look ourselves or how others look at us. What really matters is what God is saying to you and how he sees you.

Know your identity and your authority in Christ and surely you’ll go to your God-given destiny.

You need to go to church and have fellowship with fellow Christians so you can learn from them how to be strong they give advice and experience in life and they pray for you because Prayer is our weapon to fight problems ,weaknesses and also temptation.