How to better evangelize to my own family?

How to better evangelize to my own family?
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My family is not against my beliefs, they are in a state of acquiescence.But they didn’t support me to serve God full time, and there was a big rejection of my work.How can I better spread the Gospel to them?

i alway pray for them a lot. When i pray for them, i can realize God’s way to save them. God may say “find a person who they can believe in to evangelize them” Then i pray for this topic. Then they really meet someone who they can talk with happily.

Be patient with them, change your beliefs well, be optimistic, pray, find the right opportunities to share the Gospel with your family, pray earnestly for them, and ask God to choose them.

First, focus on God. Believe that you are the blessing of your family, God will bless your family through you, God will work in their heart. So first your faith growing is very important.

Secondly, live diligently and gracefully(keep spiritual standard, read bible, pray, listen message). Parents love us, if we live well, they will be glad to see that.

Thank you!

Let the Word of God penetrate deep into our heart, then the Lord will work through us, we are just a tool its the Work of the Lord