How to build a personal relationship with God?

How to build a personal relationship with God?

How to build personal relationship with God?

Repent and believe.

Read the Bible every day.

God takes care of the rest.

We have a high and HOLY GOD. We are fallen, sinful and wretchedly wicked from birth. Only repentance and belief on the only Savior of the world, Jesus Christ can save any us from eternal damnation.

Once we understand this relationship, it’s not a “personal” or “buddy buddy” relationship.

What we need to learn is WHO GOD IS and who and what we are. Read your Bible. Don’t know where to start? Start with the Gospel of John.

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Pray, Confess your sins, Ask for forgiveness, do fasting, do devotions, read the bible, follow God’s commands :slight_smile:

Firstly, we must give of our hearts to God and allow him to take charge over our life by constantly praying for guidance with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Second, we must frequently read the Bible, communicate and practice God’s words more often.

Third, we must obey God’s arrangements for our life instead of making plans for ourselves. Remember, he knows what is the best for us.

Fourth, we should seek to love God with all our hearts and allow him to takeover and hold power in all things ahead of us.

God bless!

The most important thing is our response! :slightly_smiling_face:

God has made a way for us to be reunited with Him. And the simplest way to put answer this question is in the same way we build relationship with another person: We try to know Him better.

A deep, lasting relationship with God is founded on a great understanding of who He is. The best place to start is the Bible. You will see God’s heart and His character. You will uncover how He relates to the people He is in a relationship with. And of course, constant communication! Keep praying and converse with Him. :slight_smile:

Talk to Him. The Lord God listens to our problems and whatever we have in mind. You can hide your feelings from other people, even distract yourself from certain truths, but you can’t hide anything from the Lord. He knows us well. So we must open up to Him, be vulnerable, express what we truly feel.

I’m glad that you have a desire to build a relationship with God, Shawn. He’s simply waiting for you to open up your heart and surrender your life to Him.
Starting a relationship with God is simple. All you need to do is to follow these simple steps.

Ask- Ask forgiveness of your sins and acknowledge Him to be the Lord and Savior of your life.

Communicate- Communicate with Him. All relationships thrive on communication, which is why it is key to building a fruitful relationship. Read His Word and spend time talking to Him through prayer.

Fellowship- Join a Bible-believing Church. You can know more about Who the Lord is through fellowship with other believers.

I hope this answer helps. God bless your heart.