How to deal with addiction?

How to deal with addiction?

Hi guys!
What does the Bible say about addiction? Is it evil?
My grandfather is addicted to smoking and it is affecting all of us inside the house. How do I make him stop or at least minimize smoking?

Hi @kianna
I remember the video I watched on youtube, the title is “Always keeping Jesus on” by todd White. He said a lot of good stuff there and also about overcoming addiction when you have Christ. Here’s the link : I hope it’ll help you alot.
Truly there is nothing impossible with God.
If you happen to know someone who is struggling with any form of addiction, just show them that you love them still because love conquers all and acceptance for those people is very important. That when we welcome them there is no more condemnation and that we embrace them with open arms.

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Thank you for that helpful information, @Jedidiah! Yes, battling addiction can be very challenging, I will most definitely try my best to make my grandfather at least minimize his smoking. It will benefit him, the people surrounding him, and most especially the environment. With God nothing is impossible! We will overcome this. I won’t let this addiction take over my grandfather’s mind and health. God bless you, @Jedidiah and keep safe!

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Hello, dear @kianna
In my father’s family, they had the habit of smoking a lot, almost all of them did it. Even my grandfather died of lung cancer, because of it. But just by will power, they fought and won that battle against the cigarettes.
Remember with God everything is possible, and asking him for help truly from inside our hearts will make him give us that will to do what we asked.
As of you, you can only talk with your grandfather, he already knows the problems of the habit, but sometimes hearing those words is what makes someone start to try make the change within himself.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

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I’m sorry about your grandfather, @Luis_Ruiz. I hope my grandfather will listen to me. I will pray to the Lord that he may be enlightened by the negative effects of smoking in our lives. Thank you for that. God bless you and always keep safe.