How to make sense of casting out unseen demons

How to make sense of casting out unseen demons

Its in the scriptures that you shall cast out demons! My question to those who did believe and cast the demon is did u spiritual see them. If u don’t see them how can u cast something u can’t see. They see us and we don’t see them physically so how do u surely know they are gone if u don’t see that team?

As a child I remember being scared and my mom would tell that God is with us and nothing can get past God, you just need to make that power present!
Even now if I’m negative or things seem bad she says “DEAR JESUS, CAST THE DEVIL OUT HERE”… I always feel better… just like that!! It works!! God is good!

@Denise in my religion casting of evil spirits is just like a professional thing… professional or license and train person will do that thing… sometimes that person has no demons inside him/her i think it has a psychological problem so they must be asses that person carefully… if that person needs love in my own opinion…

Thanks for posting this… :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:

Hello, dear @denise
I speak on my own opinion, you should some things: one is that faith is about believing without seeing, two is that is different from your tipical Christian from as priest that was trained and three, mental health issues are not considered possessions.
So with that, the priest who do exorcism are trained in a certain way for that, to know and feel the presence of those evil ones and of course the disappearing of it.
Is some of those things which you won’t learn exact details from reading on internet.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

There are numerous nights when I dream of battling with demons. In my dream, whenever I pray the rosary, they pray and mock me. So I recite bible verses like what Jesus did when He was tempted for 40 days in Judaean Desert. And then I say, ‘I Jesus Name’ until I wake up from that dream.