How to manage your finances God’s way if one is a spender and the other is a saver?

How did you and your spouse gain alignment on how to manage your finances God’s way if one is a spender and the other is a saver?

Andrea Metz

As long as they’re not giving money to a church, I don’t care what he does with the money he makes. Technically since money is the root of all evil churches should not be asking for money and Christians should trade goods instead of using money.

Cheyenne Terry Kennedy

Well you are already partially ahead of the game being that one of you is a spender in the other a saver. Those are opposites and opposites balance things out.

W Charles Brown

Tithing…put God first in your finances and everything else falls into place!

Vaughn Dodridge

We are both savers, but she spends a lot more than I do. Every day packages come in of fabric from stores all over the world. Her hobby is quilting. She turns out absolutely beautiful quilts! She has never taken money for any of them. She made 1,000 face masks and handed them out to anyone that needed them. She made special ones for day care services so kids could have special ones. She donates to causes so they can give them as prizes. She makes pillowcase dresses for little girls to be handed out in the mission field. Anyone who asks her to make one for someone special in their lives has one for free. To-date, no one has ever taken advantage of her generosity. People all know it’s her ministry of faith to those around her.

Jeffery Blakeley

The one thing I have learnt as a believer is this. I do what is required of me because I can only control myself so I tithe the money I earn and any money my husband gives me. I don’t fight him anymore about tithing. GOD doesn’t want that. I pray for his salvation because that’s GOD’S job and all battles belong to HIM. As you grow in CHRIST, the HOLY SPIRIT will teach you all truth and lead you into GOD’S righteousness. Just be aware that the devil will try to distract you from being obedient by using your husband. Just keep your eyes on JESUS. You cannot go wrong even if you do?

Hannah Abels

First, we look at our monetary blessings as His provision rather than “our finances”. This way, we acknowledge His provision to us and accept the responsibility of stewarding His provision responsibly.

Kyle Richeson

Best to discuss before marriage!

Koshie Rachen

Self discipline. The spender can cause major problems for the family. Focus more on needs rather than wants.

Dustan Larkins

Tug of war sometimes hahaha

Mike Michelozzi