How to Not Lose the "Me" When Becoming a "We"

How to be in a relationship and not lose yourself; how to be part of a We without losing Me.

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Hello, dear @Valerie
My answer it may sound simple, but there’s only one way to do it: loving yourself.
Being in a relationship is one of the best thing you could have in your life, the feeling of company, trust, love, fidelity is an awesome thing.
And you should not be afraid of feeling all of that, accept it, and love a lot.
Only never forgiving of loving yourself, always be you no matter what, don’t change your interest or you goals. Because a your boyfriend is the sidekick of your life.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

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Learn to love yourself. Sometimes, we tend to give everything for the benefit of our loved one. So when the time comes that things doesn’t come out in your own way, the relationship collide. You will end up deeply wounded and hard to move on. It is not actually bad to love someone so deeply, the only bad thing is when you lose love for yourself.

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Very much moved by @Luis_Ruiz and @MakkaPakka words. I most definitely agree with them! :blush: :+1: :yellow_heart:


I know that its quite different in married life and a single life even though you have a Girlfriend or Boyfriend.
Im not married yet so im not expert making some advise in this situation. But i have friends that are already married.
as per them :

Love yourself also, I know that Love is give and take but be sure to keep a little for yourself as well .
Just keep in mind that you still have a privacy. But don’t keep any secrets that will make your relationship ends.
Be yourself as well.